Penang Photo Diary: The Clan Jetties on Film

Going back to Penang after four years was something that was as emotional as I thought it would be. But, I also made sure not to be so trigger-happy with my camera, so I came back with a better idea of what I want to capture on film. One of the places I made sure not to miss this time was the Clan Jetties, Penang’s traditional seaside village on stilts. Parts of it now mostly cater to tourists, serving as eateries and souvenir shops. I decided to steer away from that and focused instead on the human interactions happening as I roamed the village. 

There are a total of six clans that still call the jetty their own, but I think I only managed to check out (and take photos around) three of them. More reason to go back and spend maybe half a day exploring its nooks and crannies!

Photos shot using Nikon FE2 and Kodak Ultima 100 (expired).

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