In Greek Literature and Metamorphoses, Phobetor was the god of nightmares and one of Oneiroi, the sons of Nyx (the goddess of the night) and personifications of dreaming. Also known as Icelus, his brothers include Hypnos (Sleep), Morpheus (Dreams), Thanatos (Death), and Geras (Old Age). Traditionally, it's Morpheus who specializes in appearing in human form. While Phobetor is an expert in appearing as various animals in dreams, he's also in charge of nightmares and nighttime fears. Here, I imagine him "borrowing" Morpheus' craft for a night, appearing less menacing but still unsettling.  

This set is inspired by my love for Greek Mythology since childhood, and two nightmares that have made the most impact on me. One is about a floating white hand/glove that kept beckoning me out of my room, and was part of an interesting mix of a lucid dream and false awakening. The other was a faceless man who kept appearing in my recurring dreams; He would either be backlit so I couldn't see his face, or I would wake up just as he would turn his face towards me. In these dreams, I was always supposed to meet him somewhere, and he was always the first to arrive in our meeting place.

Camera: Nikon FE2
Film: Kodak Double-X 5222
Developed and Scanned by: Sunny16 Lab
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