I've always loved shooting portraits with Cass, and she will forever be my photography muse. We always talked about and looked forward to me shooting her pre-nup photos (or a chunk of it, I suppose) on film. The day finally arrived and we had the same idea in mind for a theme: a Wong Kar Wai-inspired shoot. So, after doing some daytime "coffee shop" themed shots, off to our go-to neon-lit location we went.

It was the very first pre-nup shoot I did so I was a little worried about how it will turn out. It was also only my second time meeting her fiancé David, and the first time I photographed him (and them together). I'm also fairly new to my Pentax ME F; my Nikon FE2 has been my go-to camera for serious portrait work. So, seeing these photos made me happy and relieved.

Pentax ME F + Kodak Ultramax 400 & Lomography Color Negative 800

Developed and scanned by Sunny16 Lab

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