Last Doubles and Singles from 2017

A couple of days before 2017 ended, I did one last portrait practice with Cass and shot with an Agfa Vista 400 for the first time. It was nothing fancy, just a mix of “coffee shop theme” portraits indoors and some outdoor snaps in the late afternoon. All was well until my Nikon FE2’s advance lever started malfunctioning towards the end of my roll. I had no choice but to reload the film and hope that I’d still get some good shots despite risking double exposures. As I feared, a bunch of the frames got double exposed. Some look interesting enough to share, but I don’t really know what to feel about them as I think some of the shots would also have been great as individual photos.

As for the frames that didn’t get double-exposed, here are the ones that I liked. Nothing special, as I said, just a quick exercise in shooting indoors as I mostly work outdoors to make the most out of the natural light. Also, I often thought of doing a relaxed, cozy set with Cass during our first few shoots together. But, we always ended up shooting outdoors to chase the light because I was always shooting with low ISO films. I thought that an indoor shoot would allow us to work with different poses, angles, and even interesting light towards the Golden Hour. Hopefully, we’ll have all of those soon in our next shoot!

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